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Liquor licensing requires specialist expertise. We have extensive knowledge of the Liquor Act 2007, the Registered Clubs Act 1976, the Gaming Machines Act 2001 as well as the many different regulations relating to them.

Yardy Legal has extensive experience in the following areas, having acted for a wide range of organisations across Sydney and regional New South Wales. The recent ‘Three Strikes’ Legislation which came into effect from 1 January 2012 will have important effects on hotels and clubs.

Restaurants and Catering

  • New/Conditional Licences (Including General Bar Licence)
  • Primary Service Authorisations
  • Redefinition of Licensed Area
  • Extended Trading Authorisations
  • Change Business Type (Include Catering or Entertainment)
  • Revocation of Conditions

Registered Clubs

  • Applications for increase membership
  • Redefinition for club premises
  • Function Authorities
  • Applications for grant of a new certificate for a registered club
  • Amalgamations between registered clubs
  • Change of secretary


  • New/Conditional grants
  • Removal of hotel licences
  • Redefinition of licensed areas
  • Authorised areas
  • Gaming room requirements
  • Function Authorities
  • Provisional Transfers and Owner in Possession Applications
  • Variation of trading hours
  • Revocation/Variation of Conditions
  • Objections to grant
  • Gaming machine shutdown periods
  • Dispense with requirement to provide accommodation
  • Right of entry to guest rooms
  • Change of name
  • Temporary premises
  • Gaming Social Impact Assessments (SIAs Class 1 and 2)
  • Liquor Social Impact Assessments (SIAs Class 1 and 2)

Retail Licences

  • Applications for new/conditional grants
  • Objections to grant
  • Removal of Retail licences
  • Temporary premises
  • Variation of trading hours
  • Redefine licensed area
  • Liquor Social Impact Assessments (SIAs Class 1 and 2)

Other Licences and Proceedings

In addition, we have made liquor licensing applications on behalf of nightclubs, vignerons, motels, vessels, theatres, applications for Governors’ licences, as well as applications under section 74A and section 18 (4) (g) of the Liquor Act 1982.

We have also advised clients on, and appeared in, complaint and disciplinary matters instituted by the NSW Police Licensing Prosecutors and by the Director of Liquor and Gaming (and office of the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing), and in Section 104 noise complain proceedings before the Liquor Administration Board.

For further information relating to Liquor and Gaming Laws contact us.

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