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Intellectual Property and Trademarks

It is important to obtain legal advice about trade marking your brand. TradeMarkers, a division of Yardy Legal, specialises in intellectual property law. We can provide strategic intellectual property advice on trade mark searches, strategies, filing & registration, objections & infringements.


Our fees for preparing and filing an application are $990 per mark. This includes a comprehensive search of the Australian Trade Marks Register for the same or similar marks, to assess whether your trade mark is registrable and to identify any potential trade mark infringement risks. It also includes advising you in relation to how to most effectively protect your brand and drafting an appropriate statement of goods and services to give you the broadest scope of legal protection for your currents and intended business activities.


We monitor the progress of your application with IP Australia throughout the process and will keep you informed of all the deadlines to ensure you take the relevant actions. We can also correspond directly with trade mark examiners on issues which may arise with respect to your application and advise you of your options and strategies.

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