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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Civil litigation is a process of dispute resolution which leads towards a court, but need not end there. Taking a dispute to court is both risky and expensive. Risky because the opposing perspective may be just as convincing as ours, or there may be technical legal arguments which work against us. Expensive because the time involved in preparing a case for trial and possibly engaging counsel sees costs mount up, and if we lose you may end up paying the other side’s legal costs as well as your own.Therefore we will always seek to negotiate on your behalf in order to keep costs down and reach a reasonable settlement to avoid the expense and risk of court action.

At Yardy Legal, we know that people sue for many different reasons and that there are always two sides to every story. An experienced solicitor can clarify the relevant issues and provide you with independent advice on them, and cover available strategies and potential outcomes, to help you come to an informed and strategic decision.

Whether the choice is an adversarial courtroom battle, mediation or a negotiated settlement, Yardy Legal always aims for the best result for you. We take a principled approach to negotiation, probing to discover the needs of the other party in order to find some common ground and reach a solution that serves the interests of all involved

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